Smoking cessation

One day initiative for all participants

If you need support

We have professionals available to listen and help you get started today.

If you would like one on one support to stop smoking, please register here.

Top 10 tips to stop smoking

1. Change your habits and routines
2. Make your home smoke free
3. Keep busy
4. Make your car smoke free
5. Use nicotine patches, gum or lozenges
6. Avoid situations where you usually smoke and know you will want to
7. Tell someone and have them support you. Talk to them when you are struggling
8. Drink water, keep a drink bottle nearby
9. Find something else to do – such as a short walk when you feel stressed or upset rather than smoking
10. Practice your response if asked if you want a smoke i.e. I don’t smoke, I’m not a smoker

If I want to stop, what support can I access?

  • Tools to help you quit can be found at: This includes questionnaires, savings calculators and more.
  • You can phone Quitline on 0800 778 778
  • Evidence shows that attempts to quit are more likely to be successful if Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) is used such as patches, gum or lozenges.
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