We help you support the most important asset in your business - your people

APM delivers workplace health, injury rehabilitation and employment services to organisations across New Zealand. 

If you're looking to improve the safety of your workplace, or help an injured employee get back to work quickly, we can help.

We understand how the prevention, proactive management and early response to injuries in the workplace is critically important. Our goal is to minimise the personal and business impact of workplace injuries and illness through prevention, rehabilitation and training.

We believe every injured employee has a better chance of recovery if they return to their job as soon as possible. So we work with you to understand your workplace, your community and your team.

With our dedication to high quality service and a network of more than 400 health professionals, we are the only provider with a contract to deliver ACC's Stay at Work service for the whole of New Zealand.

When you need to find and keep the right people for your team, we can help.

Our recruitment services are tailored to your business and include job matching, pre-employment screening and post-placement support at no cost to you or your employee.

We work with government departments across New Zealand to help employers find the staff they need and promote jobs in their regions.

Our purpose is to enable better lives, and we look forward to discussing how we can enhance your business and your team.

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