Better at work through movement

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Everyday wellbeing tips

Making small steps each day can help you traverse mountains.

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Sustained posture – a pain in the neck

The most common sustained posture for the sedentary worker is working with our ‘head down’.

This webinar will focus on:

  • The effect of sustained posture on neck muscles
  • Building balance in your neck
  • Stretches to strengthen your neck

The importance of exercise as we age

When we think about ageing one of the things that comes to mind is moving less and less. But as we age we don’t have to grind to a stop.

This webinar will focus on:

  • The ageless benefits of exercise
  • The Blue zone studies
  • Why physical activity is important for aging

10 simple ways keep moving at work

1. Stand

Alternating between standing and sitting at work using a sit / stand desk or ergotron (sits on top of a desk) is a great way to add movement to your workday.

2. Moving meetings

Often, we have sit down meetings around the table. Try walking and talking with others.

3. Standing phone calls

You can use your phone ringing as a prompt to stand up. Take the call standing up, or even better walking around to add movement to your day.

4. Reminders

Use your smart watch, Fitbit or alarm to remind you to move and stretch. Click here for steps to set-up an alarm on your computer.

5. Force-it

Place items you use regularly somewhere that requires you to walk to use it.

6. Wobble-it

Use a wobble board (or similar) under your desk to add movement whilst you’re seated.

7. Stretch-it

Print out a poster of some simple seated stretches that you can do and put them on the wall in front of you. Take time to do these throughout the day.

8. Stairs

Why take the lift when you could take the stairs. This is an excellent way to add movement.

9. Parking

Park further away from the office to increase your steps.

10. Take your breaks

Sitting at a desk, and feeling pressured to keep going, or delay breaks can be tempting, and before we know it we haven’t moved in 3 or 4 hours. Ensuring we take our breaks regularly, means that we do get up and move.


Break tasks down into smaller steps, take frequent short breaks.

Watch this video to learn ways you can incorporate pacing into your day.