Working with aggressive clients

Week four of the customer service initiative


Everyday wellbeing tips

Making small steps each day can help you traverse mountains.


Learn more about working with aggressive clients

My client is becoming aggressive. What do I do?

Working with some clients can be unpredictable. Knowing what to do when facing an aggressive client. This webinar will focus on:

  • The environment
  • De-escalation and negotiation skills
  • Getting help and managing an exit

De-mystifying gangs

Working with people in gangs can feel like an unknown. Understanding gangs better can help you in your work. This webinar will focus on:

  • History of gangs in New Zealand
  • Hallmarks of different NZ Gangs and current situation
  • Risk Management


Key skills to de-escalate a situation

Calming and De-escalating strategies


Put it to the test

Find a colleague and talk about what you are learning.

Role play a situation where a client becomes aggressive and practice how you would manage it.


5 things to do after a stressful event

1. Debrief

It is a good idea to debrief. Find a trusted person, such as your manager or supervisor to talk about what has happened and process it.

2. Self-care

A stressful event can be triggering, and at these times it will be important to look after yourself. Do something that you know you find relaxing or enjoyable.

3. Connect

It can be easy to isolate yourself, after a stressful event. Often this isn’t helpful, instead try and connect with others, like having your lunch in the staffroom.

4. Take time

Don’t rush back into your usual work. Take time for yourself. It may even be worthwhile to take the rest of the day off immediately after the event.

5. Anchor

A simple technique of anchoring yourself, noticing your feet flat on the floor, taking deep breathes and then using your senses to identify things you can see, smell, touch, and taste can help ground you.

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