Injury prevention

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Every year there are 2 million injuries resulting from accidents in New Zealand.

Injury avoidance

While sometimes injuries are unavoidable, there is a lot that we can do to prevent avoidable injuries from occurring, especially in the workplace.

New Zealand is lucky to have such a diverse range of industries from forestry, agriculture, and fisheries to information technology.

We appreciate that everybody’s workplace is different, and because of that, the risks that each of us are exposed to as workers also differs.

This module provides a great opportunity to reflect on your current work environment and the tasks and postures you perform throughout a typical day.

What are the risks that you are exposed to? Are there ways these risks can be mitigated or eliminated?

The resources provided in this module look at ways to reduce risk of future injury in some of the areas that we commonly see avoidable injuries occurring. 

Tips for the office

Tips for the office infographic

Source:  Workwise NZ

Video: Safe lifting/manual handling - The high 5s of back safety

Back Safety - The High 5s - Prevent Accidents & Injuries - Back Safety training video

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