If you have an injured employee, our rehabilitation services help get them back to work, and back to health, quickly and safely

APM understands the personal and business impact of a workplace injury on your organisation.

If a member of your team experiences an injury, you face the complex processes of ACC claims, insurance claims, rehabilitation programmes and health services. As well as the cost of lost time and productivity.

Our team brings more than 20 years’ experience of delivering vocational rehabilitation services to help you support your workforce.

Enabling your employee to stay at work or make a fast return to work, can have significant benefits to their recovery as well as reduce the financial impact to your business.

We are a provider in New Zealand with a national contract to deliver ACC's Stay at Work service.

We also know the value of a positive rehabilitation and recovery process when an employee is injured.

Our consultants aim to move everyone to an agreed outcome quickly and help resolve issues that may exacerbate the impact of the injury on the working relationships within your business.

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Stay at work support service 

We support a national contract to deliver ACC’s Stay at Work service

Stay at Work is an early intervention rehabilitation programme funded by ACC to help an injured person return to work safely, quickly and sustainably.

As a provider we work with you, your employee and your ACC case manager to deliver a personalised plan at no cost to your business.

To ensure a gradual, safe and sustainable return to work, we work with the treating health professionals to identify medically appropriate duties and hours and any necessary return to work guidelines.

With our proactive 'work first' approach and in-depth understanding of vocational rehabilitation, we are a preferred provider for many large national organisations.

You and your employee may also benefit for additional financial support from ACC if:

  • your employee can’t complete their regular job tasks or work their normal hours
  • you are eligible to use a work trial as part of a gradual return to work plan for your employee

​Your APM consultant will help see if you're eligible for the additional support.

Employers can make a direct referral to APM

We develop a plan that works for you and your employee

We work with you to understand your business and the requirements of your employee's job tasks

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This includes working with the treating doctors, health partners and insurers so you and your employee get a clear, concise approach to their return to work.

Each programme will depend on your employee’s circumstances, and can include:

  • initial needs assessments
  • workplace assessments
  • case management support and guidance
  • occupational therapy
  • functional capacity evaluation
  • workplace education, such as manual handling training
  • allied health services, including physiotherapy and psychological support

Our services include assessing your employee's work capabilities to determine if new tools or equipment are required for them to perform their job, or if adjustments to the workplace are needed.

We help determine ;what modifications are needed and if your and your employee are eligible for funding support.

If your employee is unable to return to their job with you, we work with you to find alternative work in your organisation or with a new employer.


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