If you’re injured at work your ACC case manager may refer you to APM to help you recover

We specialise in helping people return to work following an injury or illness and will support you every step of the way.

When you’re referred to us, you get a dedicated consultant who will get to know you, understand your injury and your job requirements.

We work with your employer, ACC case manager, doctor or treating health professional and any insurers to deliver you a simple, structured, return to work plan.

We deliver our services on behalf of ACC so they won’t cost you anything.

We are proud to be the only provider with a national contract to deliver ACC’s Stay at Work program. This early intervention rehabilitation program helps you get back to work safely, quickly and sustainably.

With more than 20 years’ experience, we know returning to your job quickly following an injury, can improve the speed and success of your recovery.

We aim to get you back to work as quickly and safely as possible to minimise the impact to your income and your day to day life.

Our experienced team includes professional physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, exercise physiologists and registered nurses.

We pride ourselves on providing you the best possible service whatever injury you have experienced.

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What to expect when you come to APM

Your health and safety is our main priority

We want every person we work with to have a positive experience with APM.

Our promise is to listen, be respectful and provide expert advice to support your to return to work.
Your dedicated APM consultant will: 

  • work with you, your employer and medical or health professional to create a return to work plan
  • identify any barriers affecting your return to work, and help you manage them
  • develop guidelines for a gradual, safe and sustainable return to work
  • agree medically appropriate duties and hours with your health professional
  • act as a single point of contact between you, your employer and any insurer and health professional
  • assess your workplace, your capabilities and identify opportunities for new tools or workplace modifications to make your role more suitable
‚ÄčIf required, you may also be able to access our community rehabilitation services such as Concussion and Pain Management to help your recovery.

If you can’t return to your job

If changes to your capacity to perform job tasks mean you can’t do the same role, we can help

When a return to your pre-injury role isn’t possible, we continue our support.

We work with your employer to assess your workplace and your job tasks to get a full understanding of the work being carried out.

We also assess your functional capabilities and use a vocational assessment to determine what jobs you’re best suited for.

Together with you and your employer we look to see if other roles, or new roles, will work out within the same organisation.

If this isn’t possible we work with you to support a job search for suitable work with an alternative employer.

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