COVID-19 Update: Our Auckland teams will continue supporting clients via Telehealth. Teams outside of Auckland are still seeing clients face to face with some minor adjustments. Click here to find out how


Update 17th August, 2020

Due to the latest spread of the COVID virus, our Auckland offices will be closed for face to face visits till the 26th of August. Most of our servivces are available Telehealth
At Alert Level 3 (Auckland only)
Under Alert level 3, we will continue seeing you via Telehealth service. As per advise from the Physio and OT Board, face to face visits are only available to cases that is essential

At Alert level 2 (rest of NZ)

Under alert level 2, we will continue to operate as normal with some small adjustments. Out teams will be screening all appointments. Social distance practices are applied and masks worn at all times.

We ask you to please be considerate of yours and our safety. Stay at home if you are unwell.

Making and attending appointments under Level 2
Call appointments will be screened for symptoms both on the day the appointment was made and on the day of the appointment. If you are unwell, please stay at home. We can easily convert your appointment to a Telehealth session

Clear signage, hand sanitiser, and QR codes for the tracer app will be available in each office.

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Update 11th August, 2020: Lockdown Alert Level 3

Sadly, there has been four new cases reported in Auckland. These cases have not been linked to travel which indicates community transmission. What we do here is critical towards managing new transmissions as we have witnessed in other countries.

Auckland will be moving back into lockdown Alert level 3 from midday Wednesday the 12th of August till midnight Friday the 14th of August, while the rest of the nation will be in Level 2.

This will hopefully give the medical team time to seek out the source of the 4 cases reported and proactively manage the prevention of further spread.

Our people leaders are working through what this means for our APM NZ staff and community and will communicate this out as soon as possible.

A reminder at this time, stay in your bubble, wash your hands, and wear a mask where necessary and keep safe.

We’ve done it before and we will do it again if we stay the course.

Service update during lockdown period


APM Workcare would like to reassure you that during this difficult time we are still open for business and able to provide all our usual services.

As New Zealand's leading provider of effective rehabilitation programmes, we're committed to making sure you can receive your support even if we can't do it together in person.

So while the lockdown is in place, we will continue to deliver services via phone or Telehealth.

How will we support you?

Our team is ready. We have set up work from home systems so we can continue to support you via telehealth platforms. 

Telehealth is a way of using technology to deliver quality tailored healthcare from a distance, and allow you to receive the same great advice, support and input as you would in a face to face appointment.

What services will we continue to support you with?

We have multiple teams set up across New Zealand. 

These include support with:
  • Back to Work / Return to Work
  • Pain Management 
  • Social Rehabilitation Services 
  • Concussion
  • Training for Independence
  • Psychological Support
  • Employment Service
If you have any questions or concerns about your service please feel free to contact us.

For further information and updates on the COVID-19 pandemic click here.


As a leading global human services provider, APM is closely monitoring the spread of the COVID-19 (“coronavirus”) pathogen. 

As always, our first priority is the safety of our clients and staff.

All APM offices are closely monitoring their local situation and following the advice of medical health authorities and immediately reporting any suspected cases.  

Given much of our work is face-to-face, APM is now carrying out services via telehealth systems to avoid personal contact with our clients and staff.

Any staff who recently travelled overseas in the past 14 days cannot return to work unless they have a medical clearance. 

In addition, APM has implemented its Universal Infection Control Guidelines and reinforced the need for all staff to exercise proper hygiene to help reduce the spread COVID-19.  

Several monitoring protocols have been introduced across the business to further limit any potential spread of the virus.  

APM will continue to monitor the spread of COVID-19 and is following the latest advice of health authorities. We will take all necessary action to protect staff, clients and the communities in which we operate. 

If you are an APM client and have travelled overseas in the past 14 days and are scheduled to meet one of our staff, please contact your local APM office and postpone the meeting.

If you are feeling unwell, immediately contact your doctor or seek advice from a hospital.

Medical authorities warn that the following symptoms could indicate COVID-19 infection:

  • fever 
  • breathing difficulties such as breathlessness
  • cough
  • sore throat 
  • fatigue or tiredness 

Here is some helpful information from the World Health Orgnisation...

Last updated: Tuesday, 24 March

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