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Anna McDonnell

Regional Manager - Lower North Island

Renee Leishman

Business Manager
Employment Consultant
Lower North Island


Occupational Therapists

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Tasha Shemwell

Occupational Therapist

Community Rehabilitation & Assessment, Integrated Home & Community Support, Return to Work, and Concussion

Rosemary Nancekivell

Occupational Therapist

Christine Best

Occupational Health Nurse

Return to Work and Community Rehabilitation & Assessment

Nicola Howard

Occupational Therapist

Return to Work, Community Rehabilitation & Assessment, and Integrated Home & Community Support


Rachelle Taylor



Clinical Psychologists

Ilse Beukes

Clinical Psychologist

Community Rehabilitation & Assessment, Pain Management, Pscychology 


Employment Consultants

Kapitorina Hall

Employment Consultant

Corina Bond

Employment Consultant


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