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Paul France

Regional Manager Northland/Auckland

Melissa Cruz

Senior Business Manager
Employment Services Auckland/Northland/Waikato



Occupational Therapists

Ansie Theron

Occupational Therapist

Return to Work and Community Rehabilitation & Assessment

Ayla Fagan

Occupational Therapist

Return to Work and Pain Management

Courtney Gibson

Occupational Therapist

Return to Work

Laura Proctor

Occupational Therapist



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Peter Austin


Return to Work

Tina Benfell


Community Rehabilitation & Assessment, Pain Management, Concussion, and Integrated Home & Community Support

Clinical Psychologists

Debbie Hayes

Clinical Psychologist


Social Workers

Kirsten Job

Social Worker

Rachel MacKinnon

Social Worker


Employment Consultants

Tipene Brundell

Employment Consultant


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