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APM is committed to enabling better lives for New Zealanders of all ages, including older adults

APM provides a range of services to support the independence of older people in Aotearoa. We work with you to maintain your mobility, make your home safe, and support your recovery from injury, illness or surgery.

We provide structured, tailored support for you or your loved one. 
All APM services are delivered to the highest level, and our network of qualified and experienced health professionals means you'll have access to the right support, as you need it.

We can help with: 

  • Exercises to support balance, strength, or mobility
  • Problems with food and eating
  • Strategies and equipment to help with completing everyday activities
  • Fine motor skills
  • Your home set-up and equipment to help you stay safe
  • Falls prevention
  • Mobility assistance, e.g. walkers
  • Driving assessments
  • Neurological conditions


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