We know every injury is different and everyone needs a personalised approach to their recovery

APM delivers a range of vocational rehabilitation services on behalf of ACC that always puts your needs first.

Our team of rehabilitation consultants work with you, your employer, ACC case manager and health professionals to help you keep your job if you become injured.

We take a comprehensive approach to your circumstances through assessments, rehabilitation programs and employment services where required.

If you are unable to do the same job, we work with you to help gain independence through recovery and support you in finding alternative employment.

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How to access vocational rehab services

When your ACC case manager refers you to us, we help you identify your recovery goals and reach your best level of performance

We are committed to helping you function at the level you need to carry out your daily activities and return to work.

If you are unable to do the same job, we work with you to help gain independence through recovery and support you in finding alternative employment.

If you have experienced an injury, speak to your ACC case manager about getting help from APM and let’s get started on your recovery.

We also work with private individuals and businesses, and APM is New Zealand’s largest corporate vocational rehabilitation provider.

If you’re looking to privately fund your recovery, we can provide a comprehensive service tailored to what you need. Get in touch today for a quote.‚Äč

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Professional services with positive outcomes

When you work with APM, you benefit from an experienced, qualified team of professionals

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These include physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, exercise physiologists and registered nurses who are dedicated to ongoing education and training.

Our services include:

  • Standalone workplace assessments – For a detailed look at your job, tasks and workplace requirements, and any other factors to consider about how you perform your role.
  • Stay at work services – If you’re injured this vocational rehabilitation service will help achieve your goal of an early return to work with your employer. If you have experience a workplace injury, learn more about our stay at work service here.
  • Work ready services – We help you achieve work readiness by helping you with a co-ordinated multi-disciplinary approach. These services can vary depending on the complexity of your recovery or rehabilitation needs.
  • Job search – Before your period of weekly compensation entitlements ends we can help you find and secure a job. This additional support is provided when you have reached a level of vocational independence in your recovery.

For more information, contact our vocational rehabilitation services team today.


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