Vocational rehabilitation services

APM understands the personal and business impact of a workplace injury on your organisation.

If a member of your team experiences an injury, you face the complex processes of ACC claims, insurance claims, rehabilitation programs and health services. As well as the cost of lost time and productivity.

APM brings more than 20 years’ experience of delivering vocational rehabilitation services to help you support your workforce, with the aim of enabling your employee to stay at work, or make a fast return to work.

As the only provider in New Zealand with a national contract to deliver ACC's Stay at Work service, we know the value of a positive rehabilitation and recovery process when an employee is injured.

Community rehabilitation services

To support an injured employee to return to their job quickly, we deliver a range of rehabilitation services within the home and the community, including help with physical injuries and psychological health requirements.

We work with ACC case workers to provide community rehabilitation services including assessments for rehabilitation and health services, concussion services, training to manage injuries and stay independent, housing modifications, and wheelchair and seating services.

If required, our APM consultants can also support your employee with access to pain management services, vocational assessments, and stress management and psychological support.

Pain management services

Our team of experts deliver pain management services on behalf of ACC.

When you’re referred to APM, we work with you to develop a personalised action plan including education, treatment and self-management strategies to address your specific pain needs.

Your dedicated APM consultant will provide you a coordinated, comprehensive service so you have a simple, easy to follow approach to your pain management.

Employment services

APM helps employers to find the right employees at no cost to their business and supports job seekers in their search for meaningful employment.

We specialise in helping people overcome the challenges of an injury, illness or disability, to find and maintain employment.


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