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When working from home, it is easy to become stressed and fatigued, which takes a toll on the wellbeing of you and your employees.

Our assessments support mental and physical wellbeing by addressing fatigue, stress, and visual discomfort – not just pain and injuries.

Our Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists provide online Workstation Assessments via video call. These sessions provide an opportunity for early identification of pain or discomfort and are the best way to support your employees' wellbeing as they work from home.
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What is a Workstation Assessment (WSA)?


A Workstation Assessment is a comprehensive process that identifies and corrects any poor ergonomic practices that could cause pain or injury.

We assess working posture, chair set up, screen, mouse and keyboard position, space, light, reach and height. It is essential for anyone who uses Display Screen Equipment (DSE) as part of their job.

Workstation assessments can improve the health of your team dramatically and significantly reduce the risk of prolonged periods off work, serious injuries, and ACC claims. A workstation assessment is urgent if an employee reports discomfort or injury while working from home.

An online Workstation Assessment takes 20 minutes and costs $75 + GST.

Quote the code WFH20 for a 20% discount through Alert level 3 & 4

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