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Your thoughts and feelings matter

APM provides a diverse range of psychological services across Aotearoa/New Zealand. We aim to enable, assist and empower you to reach your full potential and work through the concerns stopping you from enjoying a happy and healthy life.

Our registered psychologists use a variety of evidence-based approaches to access underlying issues, such as:
  • Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT)
  • Rational emotive behaviour therapy (REBT)
  • Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT)
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing therapy (EMDR)
We provide a range of assessments that help diagnose possible future treatment and access to other health services. This includes IQ assessments, ASD and ADHD assessments, neuropsychological assessments and more. 

Getting to us

You may be referred to APM from ACC or your healthcare provider. You can also approach our local teams directly if you need help to improve your thoughts, feelings, and general wellbeing.

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What to expect

Many people feel anxious or apprehensive about their first meeting with a psychologist. Psychologists are trained to be empathic and respectful of your feelings about coming to therapy.

The first meeting with a psychologist is usually an opportunity for you to talk about what has brought you to them. They may ask you some questions to get a better picture of what is happening in your life and establish your goals for the therapy or assessment process. This meeting is an opportunity for you to ask questions and ensures you have sufficient information to make a decision moving forward.

Toward the end of the initial meeting, the psychologist will usually discuss their evaluation of your situation and their recommendations. These recommendations may include further individual therapy, therapy for families or couples, further assessment, or appropriate referrals to other professionals.

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Our range of services include:

Individual therapy

Individual therapy provides a safe and confidential space to explore and work through life’s challenges. This is never a simple process, but it is a rewarding one.

In individual therapy, we will collaborate to develop the skills needed to face life’s daily challenges. These challenges may include trauma, depression, anxiety, injury-related challenges.

Couples therapy

Relationships can be hard work, but they can also be a source of fulfilment and meaning. Couples therapy helps couples work on pre-existing challenges, develop healthy communication strategies, and restore physical and emotional intimacy. Couples therapy can also help with a healthy separation/divorce process.

Family therapy

Family therapy supports family members to improve communication and resolve conflicts. It may include all family members or just those able or willing to participate. The treatment plan will depend on your family’s unique situation. These sessions teach you skills to deepen family connections and support you through stressful times.

Childrens therapy

Childrens therapy supports children to cope with a variety of psychological, behavioural, and social difficulties. Childrens therapy uses a strengths-based approach that allows a child’s natural means of expression. It supports children struggling with concerns such as separation anxiety, bullying, low self-confidence, enuresis, parental divorce, abuse, or trauma.

Psychological assessments

Psychological assessments are specialised assessments used to evaluate core components of an individual’s psychological functioning. These involve identifying areas for growth and personal strengths, and can include personality and IQ assessments.

Psychological testing encompass a variety of research-based tests and are generally divided into four primary types:

  • Clinical interview
  • Assessment of Intellectual Functioning (IQ)
  • Personality assessment
  • Behavioural assessment

Please note that some services may not be available in all regions. 

Neuropsychological assessments

Neuropsychological assessments are specialised assessments used to determine the extent of impairment to an area of functioning caused by a brain injury, brain disease, or other neurological factors.

Neurological assessments generally focus on:

  • Attention and orientation
  • Memory and learning
  • Speech and language
  • Viso-spatial skills
  • Motors skills

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