Hiring a person who has a disability

A person with a disability can add great value to businesses. The advantages include:

  • Loyalty and reliability – people with a disability are often substantially more reliable and dedicated to their work and have lower levels of absenteeism
  • Enthusiasm and consistency – a keen willingness to contribute positively to team goals and objectives and a consistency in the approach to tasks mean that employees with a disability can offer unique and reliable solutions to workplace challenges
  • Empathy – people with a disability can relate to a large cross-section of the community
  • Provide workplace diversity - other staff without disability become more accepting of diversity, and this boosts staff morale
  • Different skills and experiences - people with disability bring a wider range of talent to employers, and a diverse range of skills and experiences to the workplace
  • Improved standing in the community - hiring people with disability reflects positively on an employer as it demonstrates an inclusive work environment
  • Compliance - hiring people with disability assists with meeting legislative requirements and company equal employment opportunity goals
  • Economic advantage - with over a third of New Zealand's population having a disability, the economic cost of ignoring this proportion of the population is too great to ignore
  • Productivity - people with disability are proven, on average, to take less sick leave than the rest of the working population