Service Delivery Principles

APM Workcare supports the philosophy that all individuals should be able to realise their potential and have the opportunity to build rewarding lives. APM Workcare’s key benefits as a sub-contractor relate to our service delivery principles which are:

  • Business environment – APM Workcare's staff understand the context in which they operate. We undertake our service delivery in a professional and ethical manner to achieve legislative (contractual) obligations and meet the requirements of key stakeholders and customers. In addition, through the systems, processes and experience developed over many years, our consultants will understand the rationale behind business KPIs and the importance of focusing on the achievement of sustainable job outcomes.
  • Evidence-based practice – APM Workcare is committed to maintaining service delivery guidelines which are evidence-based.
  • Process management – Well documented processes are available to staff to ensure quality, consistency and accuracy as they undertake the requirements of their role.
  • Technical skills – APM Workcare staff are recruited, trained and equipped with the technical skills necessary to execute their role to a high level of proficiency.
  • Stakeholder engagement – APM Workcare staff are committed to the importance of stakeholder engagement and the impact it has on performance. Staff are equipped with the necessary skills to maximise effective and collaborative working partnerships at all levels.
  • Knowledge management – APM Workcare staff have access to resources to enable efficient service delivery. All staff contribute to the maintenance and development of the centrally maintained knowledge resources.
  • Community integration – APM Workcare staff believe that service delivery is most effective when tailored to the unique circumstances of the client/customer and their environment. Service delivery strives to be community-focused; accessing or partnering with community support and agencies as appropriate.
  • Geographical coverage – APM Workcare is committed to providing comprehensive services across New Zealand.

APM Workcare, through our established service delivery principles, are able to:

1. Deliver integrated services to meet customers' unique circumstances, needs, skills and potential, and to address local labour market need to achieve sustainable outcomes.

2. Build effective relationships with employers, health and community agencies and education and training providers. Relationships are an integral part of APM’s service delivery model.

3. Manage contracts through governance, quality assurance, performance, contract resourcing (human and infrastructure resources), communication and reporting processes and procedures.

The collective experience of APM Workcare’s multi-disciplinary team and our service delivery principles enables:

  • Seamless end-to-end service delivery, particularly between the provision of interviewing, assessing, vocational rehabilitation services and employment assistance and job placement/support.
  • Assistance for all eligible participants, regardless of their level of disadvantage, by providing individually tailored programs to develop pathways into sustainable employment.
  • Access to individually tailored interventions and training programs.
  • Improved communication and working relationships with key parties including health professionals, complementary programs, community-based service providers, training providers and employers.
  • Strong links with employers to understand and meet their skills and labour needs.