Client Testimonials

APM Workcare has a strong reputation for delivering sustainable outcomes for our clients. It is a reputation that we are proud of and one that our team works hard to maintain. Here's what some of our clients have to say about our staff: 

"Early January I was put off work with Tennis Elbow and have only recently received a full return to work clearance.

Over the 4 months I was off Heather was FANTASTIC!

She was supportive in every way possible and demonstrated your core values to a tee.

It was unfortunately my second injury to my elbow in as many months and during the period of my first injury I was very much alone, trying to find my way through the system.

During this recent time, with Heather on my side I felt listened to, protected, cared about and my best interests put first.

This empowered me to do all I could to implement everything needed to return to work as soon as I was able.

Heather both motivated and inspired me to push forward, in a careful manner, to achieve the results and return to work at the earliest possible time.

So a huge thank you to Heather for your care and support and being in my corner at a time I struggled to get my head around being off work.

Many many thanks"

- Michelle, June 2016


“Cate was so amazing! ...She gave me hope that maybe someone would employ me. No-one understands addictions better than me...Cate was wonderful. I just wanted to praise her. During the 3 hour assessment she didn’t judge me. I really want a job, but my medical conditions get in the way."

 - C, May 2016


"I have dealt with numerous health professionals regarding my spinal problem over the last 2-3 years and I feel it is important to formally recognise Helen for the great job she does as her excellent service stood out to me."

- Kiri, October 2015


“I am lucky to have had Heather who has gone beyond her job description and become an amazing support person during this hard time as we still keep in contact.”

- Nick, October 2015


"I am now totally pain free and back to my old self! Just last week I went for my first bike ride in over a year – it was fantastic! I will never be able to thank Geoff for what he did for me.  If it weren’t for him and his experience I feel as if I would still be going from appointment to appointment, drug to drug, scan to scan… I felt completely lost in a nameless injury and he came along and in one conversation started the journey to me getting my life back."

- KF, September 2015


"What really stood out during Erica's visit was her perspective of my injury. She was not overly interested about how I got here, but focused on what she could do for me right now; how could she help. This came as a bit of a shock. Usually a report is written, followed by at least three months of inaction and then nothing. But Erica is different.

“Within 10 minutes, Erica had put together a plan on how she could make my day easier and she set about making it happen. Two days later she was back with a new chair and I am now able to sit for longer and in considerably more comfort.

“Erica was punctual, polite and importantly, she took action and got things done."

- Christian, April 2015