Services We Deliver

Services we deliver in New Zealand include:

  • Sole Parent Employment Placement Service – Sole parents typically face barriers to employment such as transport, childcare and, for those who have not participated in employment for some time, lack of confidence to find and engage in work, as well as a perceived fear of losing collateral benefits upon leaving income support. APM delivers theses services in the Bay of Plenty, Nelson, Wellington and Canterbury Work and Income regions (Work and Income is a New Zealand Government agency).
  • Mental health employment services – Our specialised mental health employment services provide employment support integrated with clinical support which enables clients who have common mental health conditions to return to work and achieve sustainable employment. These services include holistic, person-centred case management of clients, employment placement and employer support, including ongoing support over a 12-month period. Our mental health employment services are delivered across the Southern, Waikato, Auckland and Canterbury Work and Income regions.
  • Individual employment placement services – The aim of these services is to provide an individualised approach for job seekers to quickly prepare, secure and maintain a suitable job. The services delivered to each individual will vary depending on an assessment by APM Workcare and the employment action plan developed with them. APM Workcare delivers these services in the Southern Work and Income region.
  • Employment placement services – These services have been developed to assist job seekers to secure appropriate paid employment that fits with their goals, skills and experience, and is in line with the demands of the local labour market. Services are focused on assisting job seekers into paid employment and providing support to assist them to remain in work. Our employment placement services are delivered across the Bay of Plenty Work and Income region.
  • Work Preparation Course – Our Work Preparation Course is delivered in the Nelson Work and Income region.
  • Stand-alone workplace assessments – APM Workcare’s team carries out these assessments to identify and collate detailed information about clients, including their job and workplace before they were injured, as well as physical, biomedical, cognitive, sensory and psycho-social employment factors.
  • Stay-at-work services – These services involve collaboration with all relevant stakeholders in the recovery of clients, including employers and medical practitioners to develop safe and sustainable return-to-work outcomes. Where possible, the goal is for clients to return to their pre-injury employment. Our multi-disciplinary team works closely with physiotherapists to deliver physical conditioning programs, where they are required.
  • Work-ready services – APM Workcare consultants assist clients with their vocational and physical rehabilitation needs to support them to achieve work readiness. We utilise a "work first" approach in our work readiness programs.
  • Job brokerage services – APM Workcare supports clients to obtain employment in appropriately identified occupations.
  • Corporate health programs – APM Workcare provides education and assessments on relevant health issues which assists employees to change behavioural patterns and gears them towards leading healthier lifestyles.
  • Injury prevention and workplace wellness programs – Our consultants carry out on-site risk assessments in workplaces and provide education and advice on correct desk set-ups, equipment and posture. We run workshops and seminars which are tailored to specific needs on issues including manual handling, health/safety in the workplace, correct posture, repetitive strain injuries, noise-induced hearing loss and fatigue in the workplace. We also provide bulk and one-off ergonomic assessments.
  • Assessment services – APM Workcare has a national contract with the New Zealand Ministry of Social Development to deliver work ability assessments for clients who have health concerns.

APM Workcare delivers services to more than 12,000 people per year across all of New Zealand.

Our New Zealand operations have more than 350 staff, contractors and sub-contractors.