Track Record

APM Workcare has a proven track record of delivering assessment services for government organisations in New Zealand (as well as Australia and the UK). APM Workcare successfully manages 13 contracts with the Ministry of Social Development and two national contracts with the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC). Click here to view our company facts and figures.

New Zealand

From 1 March 2012 to 2 April 2015, APM Workcare delivered over 25,400 vocational rehabilitation assessments and services for clients New Zealand-wide. As the only national provider for these assessments under the ACC contract, APM Workcare has consistently delivered high quality services, exceeding key performance indicators (KPIs) which were set by the ACC for each service level. In 2014, APM Workcare achieved number one ranking in 26 out of the 32 ACC-measured outcome KPIs across New Zealand. For more information about vocational rehabilitation assessment services or to make a referral, please click here.

Since 2014, APM Workcare has received over 130 referrals from the Ministry of Social Development to complete Work Ability Assessments. For more information about Work Ability Assessments or to make a referral, please click here.


  • 2002-2006: delivered Work Capacity Assessments for the Federal Government
  • 2006-2011: delivered Job Capacity Assessments for the Federal Government across every Employment Service Area of Australia (136)
  • 2009-present: delivering services as part of the Federal Government's National Panel of Assessors in 78 Employment Service Areas, including Ongoing Support Assessments, assessments as part of the Employment Assistance Fund and Supported Wage System Assessments
  • 2013-present: delivering Vocational Participation Assessments under a contract with Victoria's Transport Accident Commission


  • 2011-present: delivering health assessments for prime contractors as part of the Work Programme
  • 2012-present: holds a place on the Department for Work and Pensions' Health and Disability Assessment Services Framework in all four lots (regions) in the UK